Investment in the film industry is highly speculative and inherently risky. There can be no assurance of the economic success of any motion picture or slate of motion pictures since the revenues derived from the production and distribution of a motion picture depend primarily upon its acceptance by the public, which cannot be predicted. The commercial success of motion pictures also depends upon the quality and acceptance of other competing films released into the marketplace at or near the same time, general economic factors and other tangible and intangible factors, none of which can be predicted.

The success of this venture will depend upon many factors including, but not limited to the ability of management to produce films of exceptional quality that can compete in appeal with higher-budgeted films of the same genre, generate consumer awareness and demand, and secure distribution contracts with satisfactory terms. There is no guarantee of success.


The Company itself is in the organizational stage and is subject to all the risks incident to the creation and development of a new business.

This investment involves significant known and unknown risks, including loss of the entire investment. This investment involves high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Risk to capital is substantial and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

No consideration to invest should be made without consulting your own investment, accounting, regulatory, tax and other advisors as to the consequences of the investment.

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