Stealth Studios is always looking for highly commercial scripts. If you have a script or other intellectual property that would make a great movie, we’d like to hear from you.

Why work with us?

Open door policy.
We accept agent submissions but we also know that some writers are better at getting an agent than at writing. That’s why we also accept direct submissions. If your script is good we don’t care that you never learned how to network and don’t have an agent.

A real chance of getting your movie made.
The major studios’ obsession with fewer but bigger movies has impacted writers’ opportunities. Our niche is smaller, commercial films and we are actively looking for scripts to produce.

Credit where credit is due.
We respect the writer and we don’t believe in letting outside parties decide who wrote a script. If we produce your script, you will get an onscreen credit. We think this should be a given.

True profit participation.
Stealth Studios takes pride in being talent friendly. We believe in full and fair payments to all profit participants. It's as simple as that.

Not just screenplays.
While screenplays are easiest for us to work from, if you’ve written or created a graphic novel, book, or some other type of content that would make a great movie, we want to hear from you.

Read our Submission Release form and if you agree to the terms, click Accept and proceed by sending a logline and a brief synopsis. Acceptance of the terms of the Release Form is required for all submissions.