True revolutions in any industry are rare and each time they happen in Hollywood, the entrenched players try their best to quell the revolution. But change is inevitable and, this time, its impact in Hollywood is staggering and unstoppable. These changes — seismic shifts really — are creating extraordinary opportunities for intrepid producers.

A confluence of powerful factors: lower barriers to entry, a hungry and underutilized talent pool, new and constantly improving production tools, sophisticated marketing advances, and growing global demand have woven a marvelous tapestry of opportunity making this an auspicious time to join the Hollywood elite in the business of making movies – a business unlike any other.

While the major studios are placing their bets on superhero movies and other huge tentpoles, entertainment properties like the Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Tyler Perry films are often delivering better returns than many big studio releases that are burdened with making back exorbitant production and marketing costs.

Formed by 15-year industry veteran Robert Klinger, Stealth Studios endeavors to produce a slate of high-quality, prudently budgeted films with broad appeal by following a strict mandate of highly commercial fare, sensible budgets, shared risks and rewards, full and fair payments to profit participants and complete accounting transparency.

While inherently risky, participation in independent films can be immensely lucrative. And with films budgeted at two-to-five million dollars generating $100+ million at the box office, this is an exciting and timely opportunity that more than merits in-depth review by bold and qualified investors.

Of course, this is not an offering. This web page is merely informational in nature and serves as a conduit, should you choose to request more information.